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Investing in Environment
Strategy for Social Entrepreneurs
Scaling Social Entrepreneurship
Achieve work-life balance

Achieve Your Success in a Triple Bottom Line World

By combining two often conflicting investment concepts, "triple bottom line" and "alpha," Aligned Investing Global founder, Tami Kesselman, reinvents the definition of a successful business strategy and helps clients achieve new benchmarks for success on every level.

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By combining two often conflicting investment concepts, "triple bottom line" & "alpha," Tami Kesselman reinvents the definition of success, helping clients achieve immediate and sustained improvement & success aligning wealth creation with impact stewardship.
If there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be, and you are ready to achieve your next goal - whether of wealth, happiness, impact or legacy footprint - working with Tami as your strategic advisor accelerates the path to your success!

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ESG and SRI impact investing products for asset managers, hedge funds, family offices, VC, private equity.

Impact Strategy Review & Diligence Filter Improvements


get an investment edge, 

through better filters to  maximize impact & 

financial returns while 

minimizing downside risk

Helping CSR programs, social entrepreneurs and philanthropists reach global scale and improve impact

to structure your initiative 

for more successful 

impact while strengthening financial returns. 

Customized Roadmaps for Improved Results

Goal Attainment



Next Gen Leaders &

Family Office Transitions

Impact Diligence to Improve 

Financial & Impact Returns


Investors &

Asset Mgrs 

Across Asset Classes

 Strategic Consulting to Improve Results & Avoid Unintended Consequences for 

Entrepreurial Teams & VCs

Individual & Team Coaching


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Do smarter charity and philanthropy

With some of the world's largest companies leading the way, business, governments, the nonprofit sector, and individual investors around the world are pivoting their language and strategies to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


During the United Nations' General Assembly of world leaders in 2015, all 193 member countries - after extensive input from the private sector, the aid community, and thousands of individual consultations throughout the world -  ratified 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be met by 2030.  


Aligned Investing Global founder Tami Kesselman was involved in the consultative process and convened the Capital Markets Global Summit Leadership Roundtable in conjunction with UNCTAD in 2016. Tami regularly addresses global business, nonprofit, and government audiences on impact investing opportunities with the SDGs.

Aligning investment goals with the UN SDGs - partnerships for improved ESG and SRI returns
Aligned Investing Global helps clients invest with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)






a better


Have you noticed that many 'aid' organizations keep feeding poverty instead of fixing it?  When organizations spend every dollar of donations on feeding the homeless (or feeding starving children in Africa, or building houses in flood zones; or delivering AIDS meds but not condoms, etc) without spending ANY significant money on FIXING underlying infrastructure issue, we doom those beneficiaries to a cycle of failure for decades to come.  Our dollars become part of the systemic problem.


Though we must help those in crisis now, if we pledge to 'Tithe10%' of every crisis dollar to fixing broken infrastructure around that problem, while 90% goes to the current crisis, we can begin to fix poverty long term instead of just feeding it. When you donate to people in crisis, make sure the organization is FIXING a problem, not perpetuating it, or do your research and pledge 10% of your time or effort toward long term solutions.  Fix the future.  

It's easy and it matters.

Donating to Charity?  Your Probably Doing it Wrong!
    Read this Before Your End of Year Giving!
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