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Wealth Advisor/Family Office "Client Perk" Offerings for Heirs  

Wealth Advisor Clients' Inheritor Retreats |  Intergenerational Family Office Retreats  

For Private Banks & MFOs that realize they need to build intergenerational client loyalty by offering client nextgens 

bespoke training on 

impact due diligence, and creating synergies across wealth creation, impact stewardship, and philanthropic legacy objectives.

"Tami is gifted, knowledgeable, and fun. I found her SMART Charity framework very helpful for my personal charity and non-profit boards. She has a very strategic viewpoint and gets the human side of the equation."

  Peter O’Neill

  Chair, Rockefeller Family Council

  Board Member, Rockefeller Brothers Fund

  Board Member, Winrock International

Peter ONeill_happy.jpeg

You know the numbers. More than 80% of clients leave within one year of wealth transitions.  


Why? Wealth Advisors spend time lavishing the patriarch with attention, inadvertently alienating spouses or  nextgens, who often prioritize impact and values alignment expressed throughout their portfolio, not just in their philanthropic giving.

Do you need to gain

a retention edge,

solidifying your relationship

with client heirs and family office nextgens?  

Through customized Next Gen Success workshops you can give your clients' heirs exclusive access to programming they care about to show them you care about their priorities and are committed to their goals!  If you want to increase your intergenerational client retention, gift them Next Gen Success' proprietary 

impact programming 

hosted by your firm.

Smarter Strategies.

Better Results.

The Power to Transform

The Power to Transform

The InvestingSMART model helps clients refine programs for transformational success. Tami Kesselman and her team work closely with client management, diagnosing where the organization or program is succeeding, and where it is falling short, and help move from that space to a more powerful plan that mitigates downside risk while achieving goals faster and more effectively.

Rethinking success models

Rethinking success models

Bringing thought leadership around program excellence, designing for scale and building resilience.

The Power to Lead

The Power to Lead

Tami Kesselman addressing the opening session of a mobile-for-development conference in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations, inspiring a global audience to see their potential for greatness in shaping a better future in their home countries and throughout the world.

Designing for Success

Designing for Success

Brought in as an expert to help Fortune 50 corporations, government aid agencies, and individual investors create programs to maximize their impact.

Conference Facilitation

Conference Facilitation

Whether working with Boards of Directors, small groups of senior executives, or global plenary sessions at the United Nations, Tami has a gift for enabling all parties to come together for consensus and forward action.

...Serving multi-generational clients who want to invest smarter, with strategies that are a home run for patriarchs, matriarchs and NextGen heirs. Tami helps clients successfully create better filters to simultaneously 

maximize impact & financial returns while minimizing downside risk.

Wealth Advisor client impact strategy sessions

Intergenerational Family Office

Tami Kesselman consults with you & your team to create compelling content for your clients. 


Whether you are a Wealth Advisor, a Director of an SFO or MFO, or the leader of an organization like YPO or Tiger 21, with members who have had or are about to have large capital transition events (including entrepreneurs post-liquidity who need to recalibrate the 'true north' of their wealth stewardship for the next phase of their life) and heirs who - often for the first time - have primary decision-making power over portfolio allocations, Tami works with you to customize her sessions to meet your audiences very specific needs, resonating for your clients where they are in their personal and professional journey and where they are headed aspirationally.


Each aspect of the training can be customized to use examples from your firm that will resonate with & drive loyalty of your clients to meet your bottom line client satisfaction goals.

A Priority Retention Strategy
NextGens Know that Better Impact Diligence enables Improved Returns, and they'll leave any RIA who doesn't articulate alignment with that view.


Bespoke Courses and Coaching

UHNW Inheritor Client Retention after Wealth Liquidity Event


Tami Kesselman's proprietary SMART Impact™ framework helps clients refine programs for transformational success in their portfolio, and her LoveYourLife360™ Workshop helps clients successfully align wealth creation, impact stewardship, inner personal happiness, & needle-moving legacy initiatives to truly achieve the happiness they seek.  

Fulfilling Client Objectives

Simply put, Tami helps her clients identify where they want to be, and create a clear strategic plan to get there.


Tami works with family offices and family foundations to review portfolio filters, helping to invest smarter and minimize downside risk while achieving broader impact & stronger long term financial returns.


Tami helps you create intergenerational client retention strategies.

For organizations with audiences wanting to identify better ways to maximize the financial returns & positive impact of their programs and to find paths to simultaneously be successfully professionally & happy personally.

Tami Kesselman Expert Speaker on Generational Wealth Transfer and Impact Investing


SPEAKING on SCALE - A dynamic speaker and featured keynote, Next Gen Success founder, Tami Kesselman, has developed a loyal following for her proprietary SMART Impact™ framework.

Growing up in New Canaan, CT, one of the most affluent towns in the United States, she speaks the same language as her UHNW audiences with a nuanced perspective that few can deliver. A uniquely talented advisor and coach, as soon as Tami begins to speak, her layers of  understanding  shine through. Unlike other speakers whose prior careers focused in one silo, Tami's career path spans corporate, entrepreneurial, intergovernmental and philanthropic work.  And it shows.


But her dynamic ability in the front of the room extends beyond that.  Somewhere between Harvard, Bain and multiple UN assignments, she studied improv at The Groundlings in Los Angeles (during a multi-year Hollywood side carrier...a story for another day!) and was hand-picked and trained by Tony Robbins at his most elite level of coach certification, jumping to a level of audience motivation that few have reached, with a unique ability to hold the focus of listeners that has propelled her to become an in-demand speaker for a wide range of participants who each leave with a renewed sense of excitement about the future and a clearer path for executing on their vision to achieve it.  

We can help.

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