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Pivots for a Life You Love


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Tami is amazing, and her work is transformative. She is exceptionally knowledgeable, powerfully connected, truly ethical, and able to create a lot of impact in a short amount of time. Highly recommended. She is a fantastic coach. Patient, kind, but still direct and no nonsense. Anyone who needs someone to really guide them should not hesitate to call Tami. The BEST!

Lisa Morris, Investor & Philanthropist

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   Guiding your transformational journey to maximize your success!

You are closer to achieving  

your personal and professional goals

than you realize!

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for your road map to achieve it all!


Along with a primary focus on improving results for organizations and investment firms working in the impact space -- through strategies that grow bottom line results while improving the world around us -- Tami serves three distinct groups of VIP coaching clients: 

   Helping you aim higher and achieve better results:


One-on-one Mentorship for UHNW clients who are successful, but still often find happiness to be elusive.  This includes both founders and inheritors with recent liquidity events or wealth accumulation inflection points who sense a growing disconnect between their professional wealth and their personal happiness, who are seeking better alignment across wealth creation, impact stewardship, personal health/happiness, and long term legacy footprint.  Whatever headwinds you are facing, no matter how insurmountable they have seemed, when you retain Tami, she will help you pivot to a life you love with results you are proud of and are excited to wake up to every day!


Coaching services for individuals and families discussing pivoting to impact-aligned investment strategies to bridge generational priorities. Are you facing difficult discussions and directional disagreements?  Tami stands out for her ability to work 1:1 and with inter-generational groups to create common ground and align priorities for successful stewardship transitions that seamlessly meld fiduciary and impact priorities, individual values, and larger family legacy considerations.


Strategy Coaching for clients who have the ability to allocate substantial capital and want to create bigger ripple effects with needle-moving positive Impact for issues they or their grantees are most passionate about in the world.  Tami has led strategic legacy sessions for everyone from family office inheritors looking to chart their own path to global UN leaders and Hollywood celebrities looking to leverage their high profile positions to move the needle more effectively for causes they care about.  

Sign up for a 1:1 session if you want to pivot to better results in your life and in your impact

Sign up today for a customized 1:1 VIP Retreat if you want to pivot to better results in your life & in your impact!

Are YOU ready achieve better results than ever before?
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360 Degree Goals:
Your Success:

Working with you to achieve your goals. 

Customized VIP deep dive days and weekly 1-to-1 coaching sessions give you the targeted attention you need to achieve your personal goals AND your professional goals while accelerating the ripple effects of your impact.

Individual Success & Leadership Advancement

1:1 five-hour goal-setting retreat for Targeted Strategic Pivots:    $30,000

1:1 VIP two-day Deep Dive for Transformational Results:               $40,000

Discounts for monthly & annual coaching retainers.


Limited Spaces Available:

Book a complementary 30 minute complementary intro consultation today!

Young Leaders with Visionary Goals

Each year Tami Kesselman accepts a few outstanding teenager leaders to coach to achieve their visions.


If accepted, rates begin with $19,997 for a two-week quick-start intensive that will give you the tools and access you need to take your ambition to the next level of success (and will look great on a college application!).  

Additional plans available for longer term coaching. 

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We look forward to working with you!

Are you ready to improve your results?  

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