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When you donate to people in crisis, confirm that those organizations Tithe10™ to fix underlying systemic issues at the root cause of that crisis.

Have you noticed that many 'aid' organizations keep feeding poverty instead of fixing it? When organizations spend every dollar of donations on feeding starving children (or building houses in flood zones; delivering AIDS meds, but not condoms,...) without spending ANY significant money on FIXING underlying infrastructure issue, we doom those communities to a cycle of failure for decades to come. Our dollars become part of the systemic problem.

Though we must help those in crisis now, if we pledge to 'Tithe10%' of every crisis dollar to fixing broken infrastructure around that problem, while 90% goes to the current crisis, we can begin to fix poverty long term instead of just feeding it. When you donate to people in crisis, pledge to have that organization Tithe10 to fixing the future.

It's easy and it matters.


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